Dark Sun

Session 41 - Garrick

After resting, it was time to face The Orc Slayer and we did just that, though luckily we were able to keep all of the soldiers preoccupied elsewhere while we saw to the champion. And it took a team effort, although it was I who brought him down with the killing blow! Without a leader, their forces scattered and we saved the orcs. After saving one race though, that brought up thoughts of saving another…those little gnome people in the far south even though that was out of our way but Rue was hellbent on trying so we gave it a shot although the stubborn little bastards wouldn’t give up the fight. We managed to save an elderly couple and their 2 kids or grandkids or whatever they were. The rest will be slaughtered because of that hard headed king. But maybe, just maybe, we’ll still be able to save the race somehow, or a portion of it. After teleporting those 3 gnomes with us back to the orc city, we headed down to find and retrieve the Chosen One. He wasn’t hard to find but it did take a minute for us to convince him that it was time to come back with us to confront the billions of thrikreen and their empire. We did go back to our own time though and found the most awesome thing ever in history! The orcs still alive and, even more awesome, they worshipped me for defeating the orc slayer! Finally, real followers to build my assassins/thieves guild with. Maybe even my own settlement or city once I retire from the game…but not yet… still more killing needs to happen…



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