Dark Sun

Balthiir - Session 42

The End

The Great One transported us back to our time to face the threat of the Kreen empire. Hundreds? Thousands? No, I think there are millions. The Great One proved his worth though, somehow using his abilities to pacify almost all of them at once. Their evil seemed to just fade away with his presence. A few stragglers still put up a little bit of a fight but were easily brushed aside. That led us to their core; a small team of evil, monstrous Kreen. Four large aberrations and a handful of masters. Fortunately for all of us, The Great One had warned us about their ability to literally suck your strength and energy. He did not warn us that they not only sucked it away, but stole it for their own use as well.

Rue buffed us up with Heroism and Delayed Consumption Restorations. Kenny gave us Nine Lives (but not himself!) and found himself a very useful wand. Garrick gave us his usual metamorphosis. And it was on. It was slow going there for a while. The aberrations seemed to spread the damage around as we have seen the Thri-Kreen do before. Rue caged one up. That really helped. And eventually they fell.

Meanwhile the life-shaping buggers were really causing us some pain. First, the main group protected themselves with a huge flesh shield. Then they launched a ball from it to attack us. I almost took that one out before it could do any damage, but not quite. My poor drake seemed confused the whole time and one even took control of Adasik and killed him. They had to pay for that. Kenny summoned some help, which just became more fodder for their life stealing ways. But alas Kat, Garrick, and I kept pounding away. Kenny kept healing and his gith blasted away with his spells. And Rue did all kinds of things, especially a bunch of meteor swarms. And, of course, we eventually prevailed.

And then it was done. The world was again in peace. The remaining Thri-Kreen simply wandered away to resume their lives in peace. Garrick and his new-found friends the orcs is legend. Rue married her beau, although I must admit that it was quick. I sure hope they make it. Kat travels the world, demonstrating her skill and being paid handsomely for her services. Kenny’s church is thriving. Never would have thought such an ugly guy would gain such a following. And myself, King Balthiir? The half-giant slaves from around the world have united. We have won our freedom and established a new homeland. I have trained armies for our defense and we are now living in peace with the other races. They have come to respect us. And pay for our services. Life is good.

And then it was done.

Thanks Joey.



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