Dark Sun

Rue Overview 41

The time travel thing makes me a little queezy to my stomach I think. It’s not like teleporting, there much more of a vortex feel and it’s very disorientating. I was so happy to be back in our own time however, and to see my sweet… un… lover… uh… I should really remember his name. Fiance of mine, had a special gem to place in my ring! It’s official, I am engaged and wow, the feeling of being in love and engaged is so empowering. Not only do I feel like I can use magic proficiently outside of alchemy, but I feel like I can do it bigger and better than ever before. I can see how the sorcerer kings got a bit power hungry with the feeling. But I won’t get that way, because I very clearly can see where the origination of this type of powerful magic comes from… love. Perhaps the world will be worth saving after all.
I do feel sorry for the Gnomes however, who were stubborn as all anything, martyrs in fact, sacrificing themselves so other races could live. We saved some of those pig giant things, and I’m not so sure they were all that much more worthy than the Gnomes. I really did want to save the Gnomes but they said we didn’t have time, but they froze the young couple I guess. The elderly couple, not sure where they went but my hunch would be they only went along to do that funky voodoo to freeze the young couple in the first place. I now I shouldn’t be mad, because its their selflessness that makes me like them so much to begin with, and if they were any different I probably wouldn’t care. I just think they would have had a lot more to add to the world, to teach us how to keep the green and lush oceans of salt and large puddles they call lakes. They were so cool.
But now we are off again to go fight the big bad evil. It will be nice to fight knowing there are things worth fighting for this time, and not simply wondering if we are on the right side of history.



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