Dark Sun

Balthiir - Session 41

So it was time to go after Mr. Orc Slayer. At least we knew where he was this time. So we popped up next to his tent and went at it. it started out that he had some crazy spell around him. I very successfully stood there and did most of nothing. They told me it might be okay to fire at him so I used my bow for the first time in ages. Maybe that is negative ages… Well, it didn’t work. So I waited until they got rid of the damn shield thing and then charged in. A few good swing and our pesky little halfling and the guy was down. Yippie for us. We then took a crazy detour to talk to Gnomes. Seriously? I have no idea what those little buggers mean to my friends but we sure do seem to like them. Well, that turned into a dead end. So back to the orcs and then onward to the Great One. He seemed a bit surprised to see us so early? Seems like we’ve been looking for him forever. But okay. I guess maybe he lives so long that it didn’t seem like very long. Well, he took us back to the present to prepare for the big battle.



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