Dark Sun

Balthiir Session 31 Overview

For some reason, I spent the previous day hiding in a closet. I think I took too much of the yellow opium stuff that crazy druid gave us. Well,I can’t find my supply so that must have been it. That stuff is really good. Other than missing a whole day of my life, no hang over! I should remember to ask my friends if I did anything I will later regret….

While I was out, they apparently found some big temple in need of clearing. Just my kind of fight; lots of people to bash, room for my friend to fly, and a bunch of hot lava. All was going well until one of those fighter guys tripped me up and put me on my ass. Let me tell you, that really made me mad. I had to kill him and his friends (with a teeny little bit of help from all of these strange summonings that joined us). Then I had to kill a couple of telepaths that the most of the others couldn’t see for some reason. Worst of all though, that crazy Garrick started attacking me. Good thing I realized he was out of his mind, otherwise I would have had to bash him too.

Hey! That’s strange. Two days ago the nutty oracle started attacking me and today I was attacked by the Ninja. I think I am going to have to stick near the goofy little elf from now on. She throws like a girl but her little bombs have some pop. And she doesn’t want to kill me!



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