Dark Sun

Balthiir - Session 42
The End

The Great One transported us back to our time to face the threat of the Kreen empire. Hundreds? Thousands? No, I think there are millions. The Great One proved his worth though, somehow using his abilities to pacify almost all of them at once. Their evil seemed to just fade away with his presence. A few stragglers still put up a little bit of a fight but were easily brushed aside. That led us to their core; a small team of evil, monstrous Kreen. Four large aberrations and a handful of masters. Fortunately for all of us, The Great One had warned us about their ability to literally suck your strength and energy. He did not warn us that they not only sucked it away, but stole it for their own use as well.

Rue buffed us up with Heroism and Delayed Consumption Restorations. Kenny gave us Nine Lives (but not himself!) and found himself a very useful wand. Garrick gave us his usual metamorphosis. And it was on. It was slow going there for a while. The aberrations seemed to spread the damage around as we have seen the Thri-Kreen do before. Rue caged one up. That really helped. And eventually they fell.

Meanwhile the life-shaping buggers were really causing us some pain. First, the main group protected themselves with a huge flesh shield. Then they launched a ball from it to attack us. I almost took that one out before it could do any damage, but not quite. My poor drake seemed confused the whole time and one even took control of Adasik and killed him. They had to pay for that. Kenny summoned some help, which just became more fodder for their life stealing ways. But alas Kat, Garrick, and I kept pounding away. Kenny kept healing and his gith blasted away with his spells. And Rue did all kinds of things, especially a bunch of meteor swarms. And, of course, we eventually prevailed.

And then it was done. The world was again in peace. The remaining Thri-Kreen simply wandered away to resume their lives in peace. Garrick and his new-found friends the orcs is legend. Rue married her beau, although I must admit that it was quick. I sure hope they make it. Kat travels the world, demonstrating her skill and being paid handsomely for her services. Kenny’s church is thriving. Never would have thought such an ugly guy would gain such a following. And myself, King Balthiir? The half-giant slaves from around the world have united. We have won our freedom and established a new homeland. I have trained armies for our defense and we are now living in peace with the other races. They have come to respect us. And pay for our services. Life is good.

And then it was done.

Thanks Joey.

Balthiir - Session 41

So it was time to go after Mr. Orc Slayer. At least we knew where he was this time. So we popped up next to his tent and went at it. it started out that he had some crazy spell around him. I very successfully stood there and did most of nothing. They told me it might be okay to fire at him so I used my bow for the first time in ages. Maybe that is negative ages… Well, it didn’t work. So I waited until they got rid of the damn shield thing and then charged in. A few good swing and our pesky little halfling and the guy was down. Yippie for us. We then took a crazy detour to talk to Gnomes. Seriously? I have no idea what those little buggers mean to my friends but we sure do seem to like them. Well, that turned into a dead end. So back to the orcs and then onward to the Great One. He seemed a bit surprised to see us so early? Seems like we’ve been looking for him forever. But okay. I guess maybe he lives so long that it didn’t seem like very long. Well, he took us back to the present to prepare for the big battle.

Rue Overview 41

The time travel thing makes me a little queezy to my stomach I think. It’s not like teleporting, there much more of a vortex feel and it’s very disorientating. I was so happy to be back in our own time however, and to see my sweet… un… lover… uh… I should really remember his name. Fiance of mine, had a special gem to place in my ring! It’s official, I am engaged and wow, the feeling of being in love and engaged is so empowering. Not only do I feel like I can use magic proficiently outside of alchemy, but I feel like I can do it bigger and better than ever before. I can see how the sorcerer kings got a bit power hungry with the feeling. But I won’t get that way, because I very clearly can see where the origination of this type of powerful magic comes from… love. Perhaps the world will be worth saving after all.
I do feel sorry for the Gnomes however, who were stubborn as all anything, martyrs in fact, sacrificing themselves so other races could live. We saved some of those pig giant things, and I’m not so sure they were all that much more worthy than the Gnomes. I really did want to save the Gnomes but they said we didn’t have time, but they froze the young couple I guess. The elderly couple, not sure where they went but my hunch would be they only went along to do that funky voodoo to freeze the young couple in the first place. I now I shouldn’t be mad, because its their selflessness that makes me like them so much to begin with, and if they were any different I probably wouldn’t care. I just think they would have had a lot more to add to the world, to teach us how to keep the green and lush oceans of salt and large puddles they call lakes. They were so cool.
But now we are off again to go fight the big bad evil. It will be nice to fight knowing there are things worth fighting for this time, and not simply wondering if we are on the right side of history.

Session 41 - Garrick

After resting, it was time to face The Orc Slayer and we did just that, though luckily we were able to keep all of the soldiers preoccupied elsewhere while we saw to the champion. And it took a team effort, although it was I who brought him down with the killing blow! Without a leader, their forces scattered and we saved the orcs. After saving one race though, that brought up thoughts of saving another…those little gnome people in the far south even though that was out of our way but Rue was hellbent on trying so we gave it a shot although the stubborn little bastards wouldn’t give up the fight. We managed to save an elderly couple and their 2 kids or grandkids or whatever they were. The rest will be slaughtered because of that hard headed king. But maybe, just maybe, we’ll still be able to save the race somehow, or a portion of it. After teleporting those 3 gnomes with us back to the orc city, we headed down to find and retrieve the Chosen One. He wasn’t hard to find but it did take a minute for us to convince him that it was time to come back with us to confront the billions of thrikreen and their empire. We did go back to our own time though and found the most awesome thing ever in history! The orcs still alive and, even more awesome, they worshipped me for defeating the orc slayer! Finally, real followers to build my assassins/thieves guild with. Maybe even my own settlement or city once I retire from the game…but not yet… still more killing needs to happen…

Rue Overview 40

Time travel into a era where magic is lush and not hidden. Strange ways they wield it, the incantations are so strong and loud you can practically taste it in the air. This very powerful animator wizard was most impressive and showed me how to do some animations on constructs, but I can see clearly giving them free will is more akin to birthing a child more than a soldier. To be honest, neither of those options sound terribly appealing as a finished product but the creation of them is the fun part.
Speaking of fun, I do miss my sweet Templar but there is so much here to divert your attention. Rod and I are learning to better communicate, but I must say I am enjoying his willingness to teleport us around with a slight suggestion. Makes me feel like a bit of a super hero. I need that here because the level of magic just sitting atop of a tent is intense and dwarfs any abilities I have two fold. Mixing my potions at home I clearly was talented, but here I am dwarfed by the availability and talent of those around me. At least I am learning a lot, but I do wonder if I will even remember it by the time I get back home… if we get home.

Session 40 - Garrick

So after placing our staff in the “time machine”, we ended up back in the past apparently and right in the middle of a battle that was about to happen between some free willed golems and their wizard who set them free on accident because of some stupid experiments. Stupid wizards and their tinkering with stuff they don’t understand. Well, the golems weren’t exactly in a talking mood even though we did try to diffuse the situation. Once you throw out “all humans must die”, it’s pretty much on from there. Although we took some licks, we handed the golems a beatdown with the aid from the wizard and his buddies, including a pig-faced guy they called an orc. Not sure what that is but they look tasty. Apparently we ended up on an island in the middle of a huge lake they call an…ocean? Something like that. it’s a big lake that goes on as far as the eye can see. But he did know a little something about the great one and some thrikreen that were in the town on the mainland who were following him that had broken off from the empire. I guess that was as good a place to start as any so we teleported there, talked ot some thrikreen(which was weird, by the way) and found out the Great One had headed south to another city. Rod didn’t know where that city was but apparently knew of an orc city that was on the way so he took us there instead and landed us in the basement of a tavern. He could have at least landed us at a table with food again. Anyways, we go out after we hear all this ruckus going on outside only to find the city surrounded by an army of Rajat,including someone called “The Orc Slayer”. I’m guessing he’s the reason orcs went extinct. But, the army has the city surrounded and we need to get the hell out of dodge so what’s the best plan? Attack of course. Cut the head off the snake…only we aren’t sure which command tent the snake is actually in. So, we tried the furthest one out. I thought that made sense. Apparently, not so much. We didn’t find Rajat’s champion but we did find some of his generals, including some clerics, a telepath, and a wizard. I love how wizards love poisons. He got stuck and then he got stuck. Although we almost had the fight completely won, we had to beat feet out of there as the rest of the army outside of the tent figured out something was going on. We did manage to grab the wizard and a couple other guys for their gear on the way to teleport back to the city. Those orcs did take the wizard off our hands(after we took his loot off of his hands) and get some information out of him on where the Orc Slayer tent is. he’s next on the list after we get a little rest and plan out the attack this time since their tents are clearly magically protected.

Balthiir Session 40

Well the time had come to go save the world. The people of this strange place made us a strange pyramid that somehow accepted our powerful little staff and teleported us back in time, or so they said. But what a strange place it was once we got there. I cannot see how this was the past; huge ‘oceans’ of water, massive cities with towering building, and creatures I have never seen before. It is so hard to imagine that all of that was from before….

Anyway, we show up on a little island in the middle of the Sunrise Ocean, whatever that means. More importantly, we show up right between two groups ready to battle it out. On one side, a wizard and a bunch of his minions. On the other some huge metal constructs. To be honest, I have no idea what the little halfling said to those machines but the next thing I know we are battling them. Seems like we took the side of the wizard and helped him ‘subdue’ his out-of-control creations. They hit pretty hard but we managed to take them down without too much of a problem. The wizard was thankful and gave us a ridiculous amount of gold. He clearly does not realize how valuable that stuff is back home. And then showed us around his laboratory for the night. Pretty cool place. I love buttons, especially when taking some of Leptus’ drugs.

The next morning the wizard teleported us to a city. We found a few of the rebellious Thrikreen and asked them about the Great One. Apparently he is in a city some distance to the south. But our way is blocked by an orc city that is under attack by Rajjat. Whatever orcs are… We met a few with the wizard. Seemed like a sour lot but we all know that Rajjat is worse. So, Rod teleported us to that city, right into the basement of a pub. Well long story short, we decided maybe it was worth our while to help the orcs since their city was surrounded and we needed to make it south. We decided that cutting off the head of the army might just work, so to a command tent. Wrong one. The Champion of Rajjat – The Orcslayer was not there. Just some of his generals. Tough going there for a bit . We took down a few of them and captured the main wizard but high-tailed it out of there before the masses arrived. We got ourselves a bit of intel though. Tomorrow we will confront the champion…

Session 39 - Gnoth

Journal Entry 259
– Some place called Kern is our next destination. This odd magical storm blew in and seems to frighten most of them. Lots of magical distortion can be felt in this thing. I find it hard to believe that this storm is just random. Something tells me we should be more worried about where these things are coming from. There seem to be more common than they used to be. I fear for the town that finds themselves under that kind of weather.

Journal Entry 260
– Blonde hair, odd followers, and wrong powers… She is not the one I’m looking for… Still, Garrick seems to hate her, and he wants her dead. I guess I owe him for saving my life. Seems like they have some interesting gear as well, so I may as well put in my time. Distraction is the best I can do at this point though. This greataxe of mine sure put the fear of god in some of their eyes when they saw it, but I couldn’t get close enough to anyone else… Not after the Beholder came out to play. Nothing could prepare me for what we summoned against her though. I had never seen one before, but somehow my team summoned it. I am still not sure how that happened, but the sheer power that thing has is unreal. We were barely making a dent in this chicks defenses, but this thing just tore right through them like a wet scroll. It was a magnificent creature, and to behold its power alone is something to remember.

Journal Entry 261
– Chosen ones? Time travel? Great one? Lake???

…I need a drink…

Session 39 - Garrick

Well, onwards to Kern….but of course it couldn’t be without issue…another one of those damned magical storms blew through…this one was worse than the last but we got through it like always. We finally get to Kern ad what do I spy with my little eyes? That bitch Alexis knocking on Kern’s front door trying to take it over with her little army of minions in tow. Those Kernians were dong a half decent job at holding them back but it was only a matter of time before Alexis broke through. But I’ll be damned if she wasn’t such a coward she surrounded herself with clerics and some other people I couldn’t be sure what they were. Rogue or ninjas possibly. Not entirely sure myself but it was difficult going. No place to slip in and lop off her head. Those clerics kept just throwing spells at us so we called in our own reinforcement..our ace in the hole Beholder who showed up and just TORE THEM UP….dead clerics and ninjas left and right. and Alexis? no safe harbor for her either…turned to stone. Until we figure out how to deal with her, she’s becoming my new codpiece holder in my bedroom once we get back to Balic. Once we got in, we went and talked to the highest cleric or paladin or whatever he was that we could get. Told him what was up and he had the audacity to lie to our faces about these lake things. Luckily Rue was there because I was about to dig into him, rotworm style…a little boob shake from her and he was eating out of her hand..I guess everyone’s got their ace to pull. We eventually got to the top and the right guy who knew we were coming and something like the “chosen ones” or something. I just want ot find this lake thing, go to the past, find this Great One, bring his or her ass back and kill these damn thrikreen or at least prevent the invasion. Although I doubt anyone will miss any thrikreen if they all just disappeared.

Balthiir - Session 39

My first directive as chief of the half-giants – to send the contingent we found to gather the rest of them and head towards a somewhat nearby oasis to await my return from saving the world. I sure would have liked to have just gone with them but something tells me these folks are going to need me if they are going to save the world And I guess after all that Savior of the World is a good title as any for the new half-giant chieftain.

Once that was done, we encountered another one of those strange magic storms. Some of the magical kind of people made a huge hole in the sand, built some instantaneous rock walls and we hid in there until the storm passed. I have to tell you, I might borrow some of these guys when we go to build up our city. That was way faster than doing it by hand, even for a bunch of brawny half giants.

Well, the next thing we know we come upon our destination, and it is under attack. I was still processing what was going on when Garrick just took off and attacked. I should have realized it was Alexis. She’s the only one who would incite such anger in him. Well, that turned out to be one heck of a battle. I was able to get in close with my fancy gloves (I do so love those things) but I seemed to be the only one doing much good. I could know out the little minions but the main group seemed to keep getting healed every time I pounded them But boy was I doing some slashing. A few things then happened. My drake went down. I am not even sure I know what happened. He didn’t even seem to get hit with anything. Fortunately our cleric friend brought him back when all was said and done. The second thing is that Garrick and I remembered we were still owed a favor from the Beholder. I think we could have won the battle eventually otherwise, but wow is that thing powerful. He basically beat Alexis and all of her friends by himself. Anyway, I am glad he was on our side.

From there we entered town and started looking through some books. Well, I didn’t. Not much of a reader myself. But Rue and her staff, Rod, went to the library with Garrick and the others. I am really not sure what happened while they were gone. I was kind of spaced out again on Leptus’ yellow stuff. I think I am hooked on that stuff. Regardless, Rue came back with some templar guy. There was something strange going on with those two. I still haven’t quite figured out what was going on there . Never seen her act so strange like the before. Well, he took us to some bigger templar who explained the whole deal. We were then led to the strangest place I have ever been, which is saying something. But somehow I feel things are bound to get even stranger here soon….


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