I would of course at some point like a monks belt, and an amulet of health would be awesome. Pretty much anything that make me tougher is what I want. Character features I would like Mettle and immunity/resistance to poison. Any way to want to interpret the Pankration fighting style and give me abilities from that would be awesome too.

Graendal Nindari:

Gear I would like
+ to intelligent items
Cognizance crystals
Psycrown of traveler
Crystal anchor
Psionatrix of telepathy
Coin of the brotherhood
Ring of psioncis
Students robes
Green and white ioun stone
Psicrown of the crystal mind
Psionatrix?? One you emailed me
Some kind of intelligent item

Garrick Shadowfoot:
I would of course like anything that accomplished my goal of becoming the go to assassin, so anyhting sneaky, stuff that increases sneak attack, etc.

I will hopefully update later with more specific items, but for now I will leave specifics to those more experienced.

For combat, I would like higher initiative. My bonus is not bad but it would be beneficial if I can move first and get into locations to both absorb damage and to be able to attack the enemy, especially with my reach and slew of AOO options. A higher AC could not hurt. Shield and Dodge modifiers are currently empty.

Outside of combat, more ways to use my character. Not sure what that means exactly, although it may be better once I am more up to speed.

Open slots are: hands, hat/mask, headband, arms/wrists, body, feet.


I will try to be as specific as possible with my build and my items. All in all, I just want to be able to deal damage and make people cower in my wake.

Specific Items:
Gauntlets of the Weaponmaster,
+5 Dancing Greataxe of Frost
+5 Dancing Greataxe of Fire
+5 Dancing Greataxe of Acid
+5 Dancing Greataxe of Shock
+5 Dancing Greataxe of Ghost Touch
Belt of Physical Perfection +6

Other than that, anything that will increase the usage of my intimidate skill and make me more useful in and out of combat.


Dark Sun DustinLappert