House Rules

Teleport will be updated to require a Knowledge (Geography) roll which requires a map unless the character is personally familiar with the area. Your familiarity will determine the DC, and you can only teleport without a map to a Very Familiar Location. for instance you are traveling 100 miles and off by 10% points so you are off by 10 miles but if traveling 1000 miles and off by 10% you are off by 100 miles. Greater Teleport no longer exists, and Teleport no longer has a maximum range. A False destination will send you in a random direction the distance you expected to travel.
Very Familiar: DC 20
Studied Carefully: DC 30
Seen Casually: DC 35
Seen Once: DC 40
Description: DC 45

Power Attack is changed so that you can determine what level of penalty and bonus you want to apply.

I will level up the characters after an appropriate amount of time, which means I will not be giving out experience. All characters will be the same level since missing a game will penalize the player by not giving them items, blessings, etc. If a small group of players is only available, they will be rewarded as well.

Rings of Sustenance, and other items that negate your need for water do not exist. Items that produce water are rare, and the Endless Bottle would be considered an artifact.

Endure Elements will reduce the level of heat you face by changing the heat (or cold) you experience 1 step to normal, and reduce the need for saves on a normal day. So, on a hot day, you would experience a normal day, on a very hot day you’d experience a hot day, etc.

Inferior Materials: ignore the reference document rules, and simply apply a -1 to attack and damage for weapons made with inferior materials. These weapons will also only have a 30% breakage chance on a fumble.

Re-training: after levelling, along with the standard benefits, a character may change one choice that was made for that character in previous levels (ie, changing a feat, skill or spell known).

HP: first level is double standard hp. each subsequent level is ¾ max die roll, carry any remainders over to the next level. For example, with a d10 on 2nd level you would get 7 hit points with a .5 remainder, and then on 3rd level you would get 8 hit points (7.5 + .5 remainder).

Treasure: I will not be putting trade goods in treasure, you will receive coinage since the only point I’ve ever seen for trade goods is to sneakily reduce the treasure gp total. You may assume that the coinage amount includes gems, and other luxury items that add to that total.

Wish lists: I encourage you to give me some idea of what kind of items you would like to receive. In general I recommend that you give a realistic item and your “way down the road” hopes. For example, an archer might ask for a +1 longbow and a Bow of the Solars (the first may happen reasonably quickly, and the second I will know to plan for). You may ask for artifacts, but I can’t guarantee a specific one.

Emails: you may send me one email with between weeks character actions, and one group email of group actions. In order to give me time to deal with them, they need to be in by 9 pm on Tuesday evening. By Friday I hope to send out reply emails. The more realistic you are with what you can accomplish with your time, the more likely I am to let those actions have the intended effects. This is completely voluntary, and is intended to move the story forward, so any rewards will be roleplay rewards.

Roleplay: while I’ll be leveling no matter whether you choose to mostly roleplay or mostly fight, I need to specify this section. When you do really good roleplaying I will reward you with a re-roll. Don’t expect more than one per game session.

Skills: There are no skill crits or fumbles. However, rolling a 1 or 20 will slightly better or worse the natural result. For example, if you roll a 1, but have the score to succeed, that success will be slightly worse than normal.

Ability Scores: when you are able to increase an ability score, instead you can increase two separate scores.

House Rules

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