Character Creation

I strongly suggest that all of you work together in character creation to make sure the party can work together. This doesn’t mean that I won’t accept potential conflict, but would like all of you to have a reason to work together. Basically, I’m suggesting that we not have a Druid, Templar, Ranger and Defiler in the same party.

Races: as in reference document, with the following exceptions
-On Very Hot and above days, Elans will have to spend an extra power point to keep their body filled with water.
-Aaracokra is available, I am working on converting it.
-Halflings receive their magic bonus toward psionic.

Ability Scores: 40 point Pathfinder buy

Starting level: 3rd

Starting Wealth: standard for that level except that no character may start with any metal weapons or armor.

Starting Region: standard playing area (not the Jagged Cliffs, the North, Saragar, etc). You may choose a regional feat from the Dark Sun PDFs for free, but run it by me in case there are conversion issues.

Alignment: any, but this is largely a formality since survival means more to Athasians than morality. So, a good character would know that he/she will have to kill to survive just as an evil character would know that he/she must be trustworthy (mostly) to his/her companions to face the challenges of the desert. As the game progresses, I will let you know what alignment I consider your actions to make you, just in case there are effects that rely on alignment (in other words, just because you say you started as LE won’t matter if I see you breaking rules and being kind).

Classes: as per reference document, with the following alterations:
-exclude templar class from DS manual
-elemental clerics receive the appropriate domain for their element (Air, Earth, Fire or Water) plus one that matches the terms of his/her elemental pact (look at 2nd edition source Earth, Air, Fire and Water document for more specifics on Elemental Pacts). Elemental clerics are forbidden from knowingly working with defilers.
-paraelemental clerics receive one of the two elemental domains associated with their element (Magma: Earth or Fire; Rain: Air or Water, Silt: Earth or Water, Sun: Air or Fire) plus one other domain that matches his/her paraelemental pact. Paraelemental clerics may freely work with defilers. Paraelemental clerics must work for the further dominance of their paraelement at ALL COSTS.
-the divine spell Create Water is changed to Create Element.
-no Druid (or ranger with any divine spells or abilities) will knowingly work with a defiler or paraelemental cleric.
-Druids and Elemental clerics within a defiling radius can voluntarily take 2 * spell level damage to negate the damage to the land.
-Bluff will become a class skill for wizards.
-Druids can sense the presence of any caster with defiler points or a permanent defiler score. Elemental clerics can sense the presence of any caster with 11 or more defiler points or a permanent defiler score of 6. rangers with divine spells or abilities can sense the presence of a caster with 21 defiler points or a permanent defiler score of 11.
-Add the classes from the Psionics Expanded book except the Aegis and Vitalist.

Wild Talent: each Dark Sun character develops a Wild Talent to show the enhanced psionic nature of the setting. Gain 2 power points. As long as the character maintains psionic focus, he/she may use her Wild Talent at will, but cannot augment the power. If he/she wants to augment the power, he/she may spend 1 power point to activate it instead of doing so for free, then he/she may augment as her power points allow. Please choose one from the following list, and I will email you the details of the one you choose:

Blinding Flash: Dazzle an opponent.
Conceal Thoughts: You conceal your motives.
Create Sound: Create the sound you desire.
Crystal Light: Cause a crystal to glow.
Detect Psionics: You detect the presence of psionics.
Distract: Target gets –4 bonus on Perception and Sense Motive checks.
Ectoplasmic Trinket: Create a small, fragile, temporary object.
Empathy: You know the subject’s surface emotions.
Energy Splash: Deal energy (2 cold, 1 electricity (+3 to hit metal), 2 fire, or 1 sonic) damage.
Entangling Debris: Psychokinetically manipulate material to grasp and entangle creatures in an area.
Far Hand: Move small objects at a limited distance.
Float: You buoy yourself in water or other liquid.
Fortify, Lesser: Gain a +1 bonus on saving throws.
Judge: Gain a +2 bonus to Sense Motive checks.
Missive: Send a one-way telepathic message to subject.
My Light: Your eyes emit 20-ft. cone of light.
Psionic Repair: Mend an object.
Sense Poison: Detect the presence of poison in a creature.
Telekinetic Punch: Deal 1 force damage to target.
Telepathic Lash: Humanoid creature of 4 HD or less loses next action.
Unearthly Terror: Terrify an enemy with sustained images.
Vim: Gain 1 temporary hit point.

All characters have the choice of being literate or gaining a +2 bonus to a single skill of his/her choice (and if the latter is chosen that character cannot become literate through skill point purchase, it must be achieved over a period of time with effort).

A well rounded and interesting back story will gain you benefits. You may roll your backstory via Central Casting, but add no benefits nor drawbacks from it, merely use the story. My intention is not to play favourites, nor let chance award one player more than another. Your backstory should include where you are from, how you were trained (or not), and personal goals.

Each character can change the ability modifier of one class skill he/she has ranks in to any one other ability modifier.(This is to allow clerics to be useful at Spellcraft or Knowledge (Religion) for example).

Each player may ask me for one favour with their character. If, say, a player wants to exchange a class feature, or have a different race from the standard allowed, or allow a banned class, I will work with that player once to achieve this. If none are needed I may provide a small bonus if other players are using this option. At my discretion, I may allow a player to take a penalty of our mutual agreement in order to gain one more favour.

Ancestral Relic (from the Book of Exalted Deeds), with the following changes: change good alignment to no possession of any other metal equipment (including arms and armor), but excluding wealth (coins) in prerequisites; add to special, this feat may only be taken once.

Character Creation

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